Friday, January 30, 2015

Yodel for Your Neighbor Day

I wonder what my neighbor would think if I actually did yodel for them? They would probably think that I'm crazy! But hey, in the long run it would be fun, right!?

Yodeling is a type of singing style that most people associate with Switzerland or being in the mountains. It consists of people going back and forth between octaves very fast to get a unique type of sound. There are many YouTube videos that claim to be able to teach you how to yodel if you wish, but like with anything, it takes quite a bit of practice.

Probably the one song that I can yodel would be the song in the Sound Of Music where Maria and the VonTrap kids are doing the puppet show. It's not that I sing it because it is my favorite song from the movie. I sing it because Blossom starts to sing along with it too! That was how I was able to get this photo! My dog was actually yodeling!

So go yodel to your neighbors, and if they don't think that you are crazy, maybe they will yodel along with you!

   Reeses & Blossom

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